HOWTO Burning image files to CD

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Disk image

A disk image file is a file that contains an exact copy of a disk. The most common type of disk image is an .ISO image (International Standards Organisation) , which simply means an exact copy of the original disc, stored on your hard drive. One can then burn a CD from the .ISO image and create a usable CD.

Burning image files to CD

There are many different programs that are designed to burn CDs. Some are built into the computer's operating system, while others are individual programs. These programs range from very simple to very complex. Some of these are free, while others have to be purchased. As this varies by manufacturer, it's best to check the documentation that came with your computer to get the details from the user's guide.

The actual steps will vary depending on what software you use, but the general process goes like this:

  • Place the CD-R into the tray and close the drawer.
  • Launch your CD-burning software
  • Select the .iso image you would like to burn on the CD
  • In your burning software make sure that CD writing speed is set to the lowest possible.
  • Click the "burn" button, and wait while the computer finish the burning process.