HOWTO Content Of OPT Directory

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Under '/opt' you have 2 PBXware related directories:

  • httpd
  • pbxware

httpd - Setup Wizard/Licenser is a kind of controller for 'pbxware' chroot. Httpd is not a chroot and is the only part of the system which requires root privileges. In 'httpd/bin' you have application 'mini_httpd' which will bind to port '81' by default.

pbxware - Consist of a chroot, with no root privileges, and several important processes -

  • PBXware daemon (dialling logic, controlling logic),
  • Asterisk,
  • Sitemanager GUI, and
  • several other utils required for normal operation

sitemanager - pre 3.0 GUI had its own chroot in /home/servers/sitemanager but on 3.x systems it is part of the pbxware chroot in /opt/pbxware/pw/gui folder