HOWTO PBXware SugarCRM Connector

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PBXware SugarCRM Connector is SugarCRM module which integrates PBXware telephony system into SugarCRM interface by using gloCOM. This module will allow user to use Click2Dial functionality.


To be able to install module in SugarCRM, you need administrator privileges. Click on “Admin” in top right corner. If you don't see “Admin” link, than you're not an administrator. Now you should be able to see a screen like this:

SugarCRM module installation

Click on “Module Loader”, choose module file to upload, and click “Upload button”. If your version of SugarCRM is not supported, you will be warned during this step. Once installation module is uploaded, click “install” button, accept license and PBXware SugarCRM Connector should be successfully installed.

How to use Click2Dial

After PBXware SugarCRM Connector is successfully installed, an icon will be added next to each phone number, so user will be able to dial any number from SugarCRM interface simply by clicking on it.


To be able to use this option, you will also have to setup your gloCOM for this integration:

HOWTO gloCOM integration with SugarCRM

After icon has been clicked, your phone will ring first, and callee will be dialed when you answer a call.

Supported versions

PBXware SugarCRM Connector will not work on every SugarCRM installation. Community Edition, versions 6.2.x - 6.5.x are tested and proven to work, and you might not be able to install PBXware SugarCRM Connector to other version.