HOWTO Setting up a warning system

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PBXware warning system monitors all system peers (extensions and trunks). If any of them becomes unavailable, notification is sent to preset email addresses.


  • Navigate to 'Monitor: Monitor settings'
  • Select peers that will be monitorred (SIP/IAX peers, trunks)
  • Customize email address from which email will appear to be sent by providing an email address at 'Send emails from' field (e.g.
  • To prevent spamming your inbox, set time interval at 'Message re-send delay [min]' to 15 mins for example. This means that notification email will be sent every 15 mins untill peer/trunk becomes available again
  • Under 'e-mail address' provide as many destinations are needed that will receive notification emails


This option is available only for Call Center edition, not for Multitenant.

When monitorring trunks, a trunk setting has to be altered:

  • Navigate to 'Trunks'
  • Edit trunk that is to be monitorred
  • Click on 'Advanced options'
  • Under 'Test number' provide a number that is to be dialled over this trunk (If this number is unreachable, warning system will be triggered)


If monitorring trunk for example, PBXware will try to dial a preset destination over a trunk. If that destination is unavailable it will trigger the warning system and notification email will be sent out.