HOWTO Speed Dial

From Bicom Systems Wiki

This service allows users to dial preset numbers (with many digits) by dialing a special code (*13055 for example).

The speed dial code, by default, is set to *130 (You can change this access code on 'Settings->Access Codes' page).

Access codes for numbers can be set globally on 'Settings->Servers->Edit->Speed Dial' page, or individually (per extension) on 'Extensions->Edit->Enhanced Services->Speed Dial' page.

Adding speed dial codes:

Speed dial requires three fields:

  • Code - Two digit speed dial code (e.g. 55)
  • Speed Dial name - A custom name describing the speed dial number (e.g. John's mobile)
  • Destination - Destination number to be called (e.g. 121255510205)

NOTE: To access global speed dial codes, Speed Dial under enhanced services must be enabled for calling extension.