HOWTO Taking Asterisk CLI Output

From Bicom Systems Wiki

To get the Asterisk CLI output:

  • Login to the system shell as a root user
  • If the system is working in VPS, execute 'vserver $SERVER_NAME enter' on the system host
  • Execute:
 '/opt/pbxware/sh/asterisk -rvvvvvv' to display CLI output on screen or
 '/opt/pbxware/sh/asterisk -crvvvvvv > debug.txt' to save CLI output into a 'debug.txt' file
  • If displaying CLI output on screen, press 'CTRL + C' to exit the CLI mode
  • Send the output to the Support Team if required for debugging


  • When in asterisk CLI you can run many debug/info commands like 'sip show peers' or 'sip show registry' etc. For details and a list of available commands, type 'help'.