Image Writer

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Version 1.0


CIW is a simple Windows application that gives you the possibility to write PBXware disk images onto raw disks, like CF cards. It is very simple to use, and in few seconds you can download and write PBXware images to any raw disk connected to your computer.

How to use

CIW is a very simple application. It consists of a dialog in which you can choose the image which you wish to write. Program gives you 3 possibilities:

- Download and install the latest PBXware image

- Download a specific PBXware image file from our server

- Local image files

After you choose the image file, you must specify the disk to which you want to write the image. You can do this by selecting one of the detected disks in the list as shown in the picture below. After you select disk, click on the „Burn Image“ button and that's it.

Image Writer

CIF Wizard Mode

You can use CIF in wizard mode, which guides you step by step through the process of downloading/writing PBXware images. It is very simple, and exmplains each of the steps. Look at the picture below.

CIF Wizard Mode