PBXware 3.8 Installation Virtual Machine

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Running PBXware on VMware Server is not supported and we strongly advise you not to use it for anything else other than testing purposes, as Bicom Systems will not be able to help you with numerous issues that could occur. It is almost certain that you will experience issues with call quality, sound breakup etc. In addition, users also experienced problems with HDD access and access to other hardware resources on the systems running PBXware in VMware.

Call quality problems are caused by timing issues that happen because of the delay occuring when PBXware, running in VMware, try to access hardware resources.

Hardware <-> OS <-> VMware Server <-> PBXware

The only fully supported virtualization platform is Bicom Systems SERVERware, though VMware vSphere ESX and ESXi platforms should work without major issues as well.

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