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AQMON is a call center application that allows supervisors to monitor agent activity. Using AQMON supervisors can determine a variety of things about agents such as: who is on call, who is calling, who is being called, who is paused, how long each agent stays in one state ( one call, idle, etc. ) ; as well as take control of calls by listening in, hanging up, or transferring. In addition supervisors using AQMON may monitor queues to see how many callers are waiting. It is even possible to generate real-time graphs for a quick glance at the data.


In order to use AQMON, you must use the AQPTool.

You can use any extension to log into the AQPTool.

Once in the AQPTool, fill in all the required information for AQMON, including:

1. The extension/secret (Please note that you need to enable "Monitor Queues" for extension otherwise you will not be able to use AQMON).

2. Server

3. Various Permissions ( which agents and monitors should be monitored, which information should be displayed, etc.)

Installation Guide

STEP 1. Download the Aqmon application from Bicom Systems.

STEP 2. Run the .exe Setup file. On the Welcome window, press NEXT.