Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise H3G

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Alcatel-Lucent H3G User Guide

This configuration guide is written as a general guide on how to configure the Alcatel-Lucent H3G phone model to work with PBXware 6.5.


Identifying Phone Model

To start and successfully complete the registration of your Alcatel-Lucent phone, you need to know which phone model to set up.

On the back of each Alcatel-Lucent phone, there is model information that you should check. Although various phone models can have exactly the same requirements and installation procedures, phone models can also have significantly different requirements and installation procedures, so that is why it is important to know the model you own which results in you setting up the device successfully.

Phone Firmware

  • Make sure that your phone is loaded with appropriate firmware version,
  • To find out the firmware version of the Alcatel phone model, open a new browser window and enter the phone's IP address in order to access the phone's web administration interface login screen. Example:
  • Log in to the phone's web administration interface with your username and password. Please note that the factory default login details are as follows: username is admin and password is 123456.

DHCP Server

Fully configured and operational DHCP server.

PBXware Version

PBXware version 6.5.0

In order to find out the PBXware version:

  • Log in to PBXware
  • Navigate to Settings: About.

On the top of About page, you may see a code similar to this one PBXware Edition: Multi-Tenant Release: (41a4f0e6) Running: 16.16.1-gc-2e09fa3d, Proxy v6.5.0 (231c5f3), API: 6, libmemcached version: 1.0.18, where Release denotes the current version of your PBXware.