HOWTO Agent login stuck

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HOWTO Agent login stuck

To get the information on agent's status in Agentpool you first have to enter Agentpool CLI using this command:

chroot /opt/pbxware/pw/ agentpool -r

Once in there, you can check the status of all agents using:

agentmanager show

In order to check specific agent, you will have to use API request below, while replacing 1000 with the number of agent you are experiencing issues with:

api request GET /agent/info '{"agent_id": "Agent/1000"}'

Reply should look something like this:

{"requestid":"94912916-17cf-43c7-8213-291b68a33148","method":"GET","resource":"/agent/info","code":200,"data":{"id":"Agent/1000","name":"TestAgent","number":1000,"endpoint":"","status":1,"pause_reason":"2","device_state":"","hint_state":"", "state":"","login_time":1607035859,"logged_as_type":"","pause_time":1607114520,"start_call_time":0,"connect_call_time":0,"ended_call_time":0,"channelid":"","direction":"","accountcode":"100","wrapuptime":15}}

You will notice I have marked status portion in red, as this is what gives us information on what is the current status of this agent in Agentpool.

Status values:

0 - LoggedOut

1 - LoggedIn

2 - Paused

Now, as this agent is not supposed to be logged in, we need to log him out of the Agentpool, and we can do that using command:

api request DELETE /agent/login '{"agent_id": "Agent/1000"}'

Once done, please log in to this agent and confirm if issue has been resolved or additionally re-check current status with above command

api request GET /agent/info '{"agent_id": "Agent/1000"}'

Reply should look something like this: {"requestid":"94912916-17cf-43c7-8213-291b68a33148","method":"GET","resource":"/agent/info","code":200,"data":{"id":"Agent/1000","name":"TestAgent","number":1000,"endpoint":"","status":0,"pause_reason":"2","device_state":"","hint_state":"", "state":"","login_time":1607035859,"logged_as_type":"","pause_time":1607114520,"start_call_time":0,"connect_call_time":0, "ended_call_time":0,"channelid":"","direction":"","accountcode":"100","wrapuptime":15}}