HOWTO Display a Caller ID on Call Parking

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In order to display a Caller ID when picking up the call from Call Parking, users need to set the options as follows:

  • Trust Remote-Party-ID: ‘Yes’
  • Send Remote-Party-ID: ‘Use Remote-Party-ID’
  • Connected Line Updates ‘Yes’
  • RPID with SIP UPDATE: ‘Yes’

To access the settings, navigate to ‘Tenant' → 'Extensions' → the 'Caller ID' section.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot.

Also, users should log in to the phone’s GUI and set the following option as shown below:

  • Caller ID Source: ‘RPID-PAI-FROM’

To access the settings for Yealink phones, please navigate to ‘Account' → 'Advanced' → 'Caller ID Source’.

NOTE: Mentioned settings need to be set on all Extensions included in the call flow.