HOWTO How To Enable Outbound Call Transfers

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DISCLAIMER: Outbound call transfer is disabled on PBXware by default, for security reasons. In case you decide to enable it on your system, by following this tutorial, you are accepting full responsibility for any issues that might occur due to this change.

Outgoing dial options

Users might experience issue where they will not be able to perform transfer after they make outbound call.

In case you are unable to perform transfer on outbound call, please make sure that extension you are trying to perform transfer on, has at least 2 outbound channels, as well as T flag in Outbound dial options.

However, in case you are still unable to perform transfer on outbound calls, you will also have to execute MySQL query that will enable this feature on your PBXware.

To do that, SSH into your PBXware and execute this command:

/opt/pbxware/sh/mysql -e "INSERT INTO pbxware.config (name,value) VALUES('transfer_dialopt','1');"

NOTE: In case you receive duplicate entry error, it means that outbound call transfer was already enabled on your system.

Once all of the suggested changes are in place, you should be able to preform outbound call transfer without any issues.