HOWTO Polycom VVX Firmware Pack

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To create new Polycom firmware pack do the following:

  • Extract the downloaded file and rename main folder name to polycom.
  • Remove 000000000000.cfg and 000000000000-directory~.xml files from polycom folder.
  • Firmware files and Config folder inside main polycom folder must be renamed to match firmware version:
Any 6.3.x firmware: add _63x to filenames and Config folder
Any 6.2.x firmware: add _62x to filenames and Config folder
    • Example for polycom firmware 6.3.0:
3111-33215-001.sip.ld → 3111-33215-001.sip_63x.ld
3111-17823-001.dect.ld → 3111-17823-001.dect_63x.ld
Config → Config_63x
  • Create folder upload inside polycom folder:
mkdir upload
  • Change its ownership:
chown 101:1003 upload/
  • Set permissions for all files in polycom folder to 644:
find . -type f | xargs chmod 644
  • Compress the polycom folder.