HOWTO Registering Trunk to multi-user extension 5x

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Creating Extension

In PBXware GUI you need to create new Extension.

Navigate to Extensions → Add Extension

Select UAD and Location from list and click on Next step, then click on Advanced Options:

General field:

  • Extension - this field is automatically populated, but can be changed to any available Extension number.
  • Name - name of the person using the Extension.
  • Email - Email address associated with the extension
  • Department – choose your department
  • User type – 'peer', instead of friend,

Authentication, on same extension, insert following lines:

  • Incoming IP addresses(new line seperated):= [IP address of the system from which you are connecting]
  • insecure = port,invite

Network related field:

  • Qualify – 8000
  • Host – [IP address of the system that you are connecting to] instead of 'dynamic'

After that, you must create a DID and point to this extension. Important thing is to set Destination to Multi User, so PBXware will know that extension DID is pointing to is used as a connection to remote system and not as a regular extension.

On remote PBX system you need to add a new Trunk. Go to Trunks and click Add Trunk. If your remote system is PBXware, you can find additional information on Trunks page or check our HOWTO Create a Trunk tutorial.

Choose your provider, click on Next step → Advanced Options:

General field:

  • Name or number: enter name for this trunk
  • User type: peer
  • Qualify: 8000
  • Emergency trunk: must be checked (Yes/No)

Authentication field:

  • Host IP and username: authentication is not required any more
  • Peer host: enter your PBXware IP address (ex.
  • Peer username: enter username (ex. PBXware)

After that, you must create a identical DID on remote system and point to extension of your choice. Important thing is to set Destination to extension instead multi user, so your PBXware can know that extension DID is pointing to is used as regular extension.

NOTE: Multi-User Extension must be enabled in license and enabled in Settings > Servers > Features: Allow IP Address Authentication for Extensions: YES