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Bicom Systems: Support & Escalation Procedures

In the spirit of upcoming holidays, Bicom Systems will be closed for business from December 23, 2013 to January 3, 2014.

While we will not be operating as usual during the above days, we will be available for emergency issues. If you have an emergency (system down completely or unable to make or receive calls), please email or call one of our main numbers. We will assign an engineer to contact you ASAP.

We would like to thank you for your business and are very much looking forward to having an even better relationship in the future. In addition, we at Bicom Systems wish you the best for this holiday season and a healthy, successful 2014!

Sincerely, Bicom Systems





All customers should expect the following from support:

  • All are resolved to achieve at least one of the following:
    • Customer is satisfied with the matter
    • Matter is explained as not being possible and why
    • Matter is defined as being a feature request for the Road Map
    • Matter is defined as being a feature request that the customer would like to speak to the Account Manager about to escalate
    • Matter is raised as a bug in the bug tracker and an indication of resolution is provided. A patch will be provided for critical bugs within 24 hours.
  • All replies should be clear and understandable

What we ask for in return from all customers:

  • An effort to provide clear descriptions of the issue
  • That the customer replies in a timely manner until the matter is resolved


The following are included in all Standard Support Contracts:

All support matters should be entered as a Ticket.

This can be done by sending an email to from your ‘registered’ email address. Non-registered emails will be lost, please see your Account Manager if you have more than one email address to register.

Tickets will be replied to within one business day.

Hours of business are from Monday – Friday :

9am Central European Time – 5pm Eastern Standard Time (8am –10pm GMT)

Daylight Saving during northern hemisphere summer (7am-9pm GMT)


Online chat is available through your web login at on the right-hand menu, bottom right.

Online Chat is preferable to tickets for the following reasons:

  • Matters that require more explanation and a relay of conversation for which tickets may take longer


For customers who have an Emergency Phone Support Contract, please dial either of the following numbers:

+1 619 760 7777 (Americas) +44 20 33 99 88 00 (Europe & RoW) And select option 2 and then authenticate yourself

Please limit to matters where 50% of calls or more are unable to pass on the system.


Should the customer feel that a support item was not:

  • understood
  • given a satisfactory reply
  • handled with the urgency required,

the following should be pursued:

Escalation Level 1

Please reply to the ticket, adding the Support Manager to the copy: and state the concern or additional request

Escalation Level 2

Please reply to ticket, adding your Account Manager and/or making a phone call to the Account Manager.

Escalation Level 3

Should all previous solutions prove ineffective, please copy the ticket to, detailing the previous escalation attempts.

This last step is extremely unusual. Bicom Systems prides itself on the Account Managers’ ability to make decisions and any such failure is considered a very serious matter.

Download PDF version of Bicom Systems Support and Escalation Procedures


Requirements our customers must meet in order for Bicom Systems staff members to be able to troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance or apply custom patches to their system:

  • Direct access from public IP is a must as it is not possible to perform troubleshooting, maintenance procedures or custom patches applications through screen sharing applications.
  • Systems access details, public address, GUI username and password as well as systems root password for SSH and Setup Wizard login.
  • For systems operating from LAN or behind a firewall these ports must be opened/forwarded:
Web GUI:
TCP: 80, 81, 443
SSH access:
TCP: 2020 for PBXware
TCP for Serverware: 2020, 2222

NOTE: Please be aware that ports mentioned here are only for full system access only. For full list of ports that have to be opened in order for your system to be fully operational, please consult our HowTo on the link below:

HOWTO Port Forwarding When System Behind A Router/Firewall


Almost all of Bicom Systems customers have Support Contracts and not Maintenance. The difference between the two is quite simply put:

Support = you ask, we tell, you do Maintenance = you ask, we do

If there is an FAQ and if the FAQ is clearly explained we have fufilled our support obligations. If there is not an FAQ or further explanation is required for it to be understandable then we clearly need to provide further support service to achieve our goals.

If beyond this you would prefer us 'to do the work' we will where possible try to quote a reasonable timeframe to complete. There will however be some network matters that are simply beyond our intervention.


Direct modifications of the base operating system or the database are not supported unless the instructions have been provided through our documentation. Unsupported modifications might lead to system failure as well as extensive data loss and server mal-functioning of the system.

Unless specific step-by-step instructions for such modifications are provided in official Bicom Systems documentation, any subsequent identify of issues and their repartion and will be charged for maintenance. The price will be calculated according to time Bicom Systems developers spent to troubleshoot the problem at the standard rates. Given the complicated nature of such items it may take many hours just to identify the issue and the only course of repartion may be reinstallation and use of the most recent back-up.