SERVERware 3 Core-system Update

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Core system update of the SERVERware 3

NOTE: Before you proceed with core system update, please make sure that your SERVERware GUI is updated to latest available version, for both SW Connector and GUI.

For more information on how to do this, please check HowTo on the link below:

Before we start update, we need to go to the SERVERware 3 GUI and determinate state of host that needs to be updated.

1.If update needs to be performed on "Processing host", then host must be in maintenance mode prior to update procedure, go to step 4.

2. If update need to be done on our "Storage host", then we need to determine which of our servers is in secondary state and start the update on the secondary server first. When update is finished you need to make manual takeover from primary to secondary server and then update second storage host. (for manual takeover log in to secondary server and run command "killall -SIGUSR1 sysmonit" ), go to step 4.

3. If update need to be done on "Standalone server" no actions prior to update in GUI are needed, go to step 4.

4. After You have finish setting up GUI options, you need to log in with ssh to server, you have chose to update.

Next Step is to download update script with the command:

# curl | sh

Wait until script finishes download and update of the core system. When this process finishes, you need to restart the server.

Server update procedure is finished.