SERVERware 3 Creation of USB installation media

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Creating bootable USB on Windows

Download Win32DiskImager from

Install the program and run it (which is straight-forward in Windows).

With this guide, you should be able to use Win32DiskImager to make an SERVERware 3 USB
boot drive in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The following screenshots were made on MS Windows 7.

Download SERVERware3 USB installation .img

From drop down list select SERVERware 3 and download the latest version of SERVERware 3 usb image.

Screenshots and comments

Start and overview

You will need 2 GB (or greater) USB drive.

Any data on the drive will be lost and you don't need to format the drive as the process of flashing the .img file will overwrite the drive.

Run Win32DiskImager

sw3 2 001 create bootable usb installation.png

Select the image file from your drive

sw3 2 002 create bootable usb installation.png

Select the .img file that you want to use in the Win32 Disk Imager window. Click on the symbol, and get the file selector (in the right bottom corner). The default setting will show image (IMG) files. Leave it as is and select image file we have just download "serverware-3.0.img" and click OPEN.

sw3 2 003 create bootable usb installation.png

In the upper right corner select the destination, letter of your USB storage and click button "Write".

sw3 2 004 create bootable usb installation.png

Pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm overwrite of the USB drive, click "YES" and wait for process to finish.

sw3 2 005 create bootable usb installation.png

When bootable media is created you will get a message "write successful". Once you click OK you have successfully created the USB Installation media for SERVERware 3.

Creating bootable USB on linux / MacOS

1.) Download SERVERware3 installation .iso from

From drop down list select SERVERware 3 and download the latest version of SERVERware 3 iso image.

2.) download BalenaEtcher Bootable media creator (free) and install on your system.

3.) Insert USB media in USB port on your pc.

4.) Open BalenaEtcher


Select image we have just downloaded.


Make sure the target for image is your USB media. and press flash.


after eta 2-5 minutes your usb bootable image will be created and ready for use.


Now you can use it to install SERVERware 3.