SERVERware 4 GUI Update

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Micro Updates

Updates section of System Settings is used to update the various SERVERware components. The list on the right side shows the Name, Current Version and the Latest Version of the component that can be updated.

sw4 micro upgrade.png

The SERVERware controller will check for available package updates on a daily basis.

Once the update is available the notification pop up message will appear on the top of the GUI screen every time admin user log-in.

The popup dialogue window disappears after 10 seconds and provides a link to open the package update view if the administrator wants to proceed with updates.

Email notifications for new available updates will be sent to the system administrators as well.

sw3 update.popup.png

To update a SERVERware component, click Update button for that component. Update process starts after the confirmation window.

If there is more than one component update, SERVERware connector should be the first component to be updated.

Updating Host SW-Connector

The sw-connector service agent running on hosts is a crucial component for a proper functioning of the SERVERware environment, so it has to be updated if there are new features or bug fixes. A host should be moved to maintenance mode before updating the sw-connector.

Follow this procedure to update sw-connector:

  1. In the Host view, select the host which sw-connector has to be updated.
  2. Move the host into maintenance mode.
  3. Click the Update SW-Connector button.
  4. Open the System Logs view to track the progress of updating.
  5. When the update is complete, click the Enable button to enable the host.


Steps 1 to 5 should be repeated for every storage/processing/backup Host in SERVERware GUI.