SERVERware how to upgrade

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Upgrading SERVERware consist of two parts , upgrade of operating system per each host than upgrade of serverware software by GUI.

For upgrade version 3.0 to 3.1 should be easily done, following the guide from this link:

SERVERware 3.0 upgrade to 3.1 how to

To upgrade to 3.2 you have to be on latest 3.1 version, then proceed with core system update to 3.2 per each physical host after this GUI update to 3.2 should be available.

SERVERware 3 Core system update

To upgrade from older SERVERware 1.x to v3.x please contact your Account Manager.

WARNING: Updating the SERVERware core system can be daunting task. If you are not an experienced SERVERware administrator with excellent Linux knowledge, we suggest contacting your Account manager who can suggest how to proceed.